Poem Twenty-Four

Spring Morning?

April 24, 2013


Winter refuses to open her ice cold claws

and release us

A vulture ominously crosses my path

oblivious to the dread he inspires

The sun is a yellow dog

afraid to take a stand, lend a hand,

or crawl from beneath his cloudy comforter

The sky is as grey as a rebel’s tunic

and as worn and tattered

She wants to weep but she hasn’t the strength


Poem Twenty-Two

Earth Day – 2013

April 22, 2013


The air is thick with birds

Skinks skittle at my feet

Once upon a time

Lake Erie was dead

Today the water is clear

Only pollen fills the air as

Nature works overtime

I can’t remember the last time

“they” told us the end was near

clean water, clean air

the defenders of wildlife cheer

Maybe Earth Day really did come true

Or maybe it’s just because

My subscription to Audubon has expired

Poem Twenty-One

Strange Fortunes

April 21, 2013


You will see yourself clearly in an elevator with mirrors

You will arrive in heaven and discover there has been a change of address; instead you have been assigned to doggie heaven and will wield a pooper scooper for all of eternity

You will meet a tall dark stranger who will turn out to be your current spouse because you’ve misplaced your glasses

Your first novel will be a roaring bestseller; unfortunately you will be dead at the time and your relatives will profit profusely


Poem Eighteen

April 18, 2013

To and To

To begin with, this poem with start with the word to and then I don’t know where it will go. Will it meander through my work life, my love life, or my book life? Will it describe the details of my MacDonalds bacon, egg, and cheese bagel with no breakfast sauce and my senior coffee with three creams and no sugar? Will it speak of my recent run-in at work with the boss’ assistant, and my fears that I will no longer have a job come Monday? Will it refer to the bills I find burdensome and my current too small apartment and the regrets I have that I did not stay in an emotionally unfulfilling marriage so that I would never have to worry about money like the little people do? Or will it talk about real problems like those that are being faced by the citizens of Boston, West, Texas or South Korea? Where will this poem go and who will it be written to?

Poem Nineteen

Jury Duty

April 19, 2013


A sea of brown and black heads is highlighted

Sporadically by gold or silver

Thousands of fingers flick mechanically

Across beeping booping laptops

Or smartphone screens

Others flip pages of paperback novels and newsrags

My fingers tap my leg which wags nervously

And I watch the crowd

As others watch me

Jury duty

Honor, privilege, inconvenience?

It swallows two hours of my life without chewing

My number is too high

So I am ejected prematurely

Back into the world

I’ve always wanted to serve

Perhaps that’s why I’ve never been




Poem Seventeen

A Poem of Greeting

April 17, 2013


Good morning grey sky

Good morning MacD

Good morning cell phone

Why are you buzzing so soon?

Good morning mist

Where is the sun today?

(Still hiding; no fair; I’d be hiding too if I dared)

Good morning strangers

Where are those familiar faces?

Good morning bagel

(You know I’m going to eat you now;

don’t be afraid;

it won’t hurt (much) and

I promise

It will be over

before I finish this poem)